10 top skills you need to become a family lawyer

10 top skills you need to become a family lawyer
10 top skills you need to become a family lawyer

What skills do you need to become a family lawyer?

The legal field in general requires exceptional communication skills, while working with families demands the capacity to connect with and relate to others on a very human level. Family lawyers thus need the following skills to be successful:

Analytical thinking

A major part of your job is looking at evidence and information to come to a conclusion that serves your client. Family lawyers use their analytical thinking skills to come up with solutions. Family cases can be quite complex and emotional, making it important to use your analytical thinking skills to figure out what’s best for everyone involved.


When working as a family lawyer, you will use your communication skills every day. From writing important documents to speaking in court, your written and verbal communication skills are an important part of clearly conveying your ideas and arguments. Having strong communication skills can help you connect with clients and make a solid case for them.


Whether a couple is dealing with a dramatic divorce or joyful adoption, emotions can be quite strong in family court. While family lawyers need to remain logical and follow legal procedures, it is also important for them to treat their clients with empathy. Having empathy skills means that you can understand how someone is feeling in a certain situation. While you aren’t a therapist, you may need to be a comforting presence when working in this career.


When it comes to any court case, there is a lot of negotiation involved. This is especially true when working with divorce or custody cases. Having strong negotiation skills is an important part of ensuring your clients get fair treatment in the courtroom. Many people involved in family court cases are in vulnerable situations, especially children, making it important that you can make a good case for your client’s needs.


 Of course, legal professionals know that each case, by law is confidential. A sure-fire way to destroy your career would be to divulge information to the wrong party. Assurance of privacy is paramount to improving the level of trust between you and your client.

As mentioned, family law is built around an abundance of sensitive topics. Taking a moment to reassure your client that their information is private and classified is a comforting and important thing to communicate from the offset. 

 Family lawyers, as with many other specialist solicitors, tend to be solely responsible for a high level of case and legal documents. Brushing up on your admin skills, maintaining order and having a comprehensive filing system will help you keep your affairs in order. It will also allow you immediate and prompt access to the right documents, should you be required to provide these at short notice. Reliability is truly key as a family lawyer.

Client servicing

When it comes down to it, the majority of divorce settlements and custody agreements centre around the concept of negotiation. With this in mind you will have a lot of client-facing time. A high level of professionalism is required in order to maintain the equilibrium in these complex matters. Your role is to remain emotionally uninvolved with the sole purpose of helping your client’s case.

With that in mind, you’ll require good levels of communication, as well as a composed manner, to operate to the best of your ability. In times of debate, conflict or disagreement, in order to fully represent your client, it can really pay to keep  a calm, cool and collected demeanour.


Family lawyers work with a great deal of paperwork and important documents. Having organizational skills can help you keep everything in order. Along with being able to easily access your files, staying organized ensures that you are protecting the privacy of your clients. You are always sure that your confidential information is only going to authorized parties.

The ability to work with people of all ages from all walks of life, including children and the elderly.

For a successful career, you will need the above skills to become a good and perfect family lawyer.

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